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Handmade Ocean Colour Scene Lamp + Album Cover Shade




Unique Handmade Ocean Colour Scene Lamp by The Record’s Ticking.
You won’t find another lamp like this. It’s one of a kind.
Great as a table lamp in your living or dining room or as a bedside table. Made in limited numbers, by hand, in our workshop.
Solid wood base featuring a resin plaque of the bands intials OCS, made from our own hand carved master and mould.
Handmade shade features the following album covers;
Moseley Shoals (1996)
Marchin’ Already (1997)
One from the Modern (1999)
Songs for the Front Row (2001)

Nickel plated brass Standard Bayonet fitting lamp holder, which will require a 40w Light bulb (60w Max)
All electrical components are made in the UK and meet the required British Standards, fitted with British Standard 3-Pin plug
Each lamp is numbered
Dimensions (Approx);
Base – (h) 19cm x (w) 9cm x (d) 9cm
Shade – (h) 20cm x (w) 20cm x (d) 20cm
Note; As hand casting is not an exact science, sometimes tiny air bubbles may become trapped in the mould, when the resin is poured. This can result in pin prick sized holes on the cast item, these are very minor, but can happen.

Please allow 7 working days for your lamp to be made and then dispatched.

Weight 3 kg